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Easily send important group SMS text message alerts to your customers, members, and employees with VoiceShot.

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SMS Text Message Alerts
In today's mobile world, everyone always has their phone on them 24/7. Ensure everyone gets the most important and time sensitive notifications with real-time text messaging. Send text messages to groups of all sizes with our simple, self-service, web-based platform. Manually send or schedule company updates, event reminders, payment notifications and more!

Benefits include:

Key Features

Interactive web-based control panel

It is easy to get started on your next text messaging campaign with our graphical web-based text designer. Design simple, single message announcement text messages or sophisticated two-way interactive customer service texts in minutes.

Two-way text messaging

Send/receive text messages in real time from the control panel. Automatically forward text message responses to another phone number/device or have responses delivered to you via e-mail.

Contact list management

Use an existing call list, enter contacts manually or upload a contact list from the applications you are most familiar with. Our system accepts multiple list formats including: CSV, XLS and TXT to name a few. Alternatively, you may have individuals opt-in to your list via text. Manage contact lists via the web-based control panel to create, delete and modify list contents.

Do-not-text list management

Do-not-text list management for opt outs and removal of duplicate numbers support good business practices and compliance. At any time, a recipient may unsubscribe from your list by replying to your text with a custom opt-out/unsubscribe code. Manage opt-outs via the web-based control panel to create, delete and modify list contents.

Real time reporting

View or download text campaign results in real time including date, time, successful and unsuccessful. Text messaging campaign reporting includes the ability to match recipients with information from your contact list allowing for full reporting.

Replies via e-mail and SMS

Receive text message replies on another phone number/device or have responses delivered to you via e-mail.

Easy Implementation

With just basic website navigation experience, you can start initiating and receiving text messages in no time. Leverage the power of VoiceShot's Text Messaging platform to get your project done, with results you expect!

Toll-free text enabled numbers available

Initiate text message campaigns from toll-free telephone numbers. Take advantage of high delivery rates and fast, reliable texts and experience higher throughput by sending multiple messages at once.

Text Messaging rates:

$ 10.00 /month + 12¢ per text message

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