Reduce No-Shows with Automated Phone Call & Text Message Appointment Reminder Service

Easily schedule appointment reminders or automate it with calendar integrations. Starting at only $9 per month.

Save Time and Maximize Productivity with VoiceShot's Automated Appointment Reminder Service
Trusted by thousands of enterprise and small businesses for over 20 years, VoiceShot's voice call and text message appointment reminder solution enables you to easily schedule appointment reminders or integrate with popular calendar applications like Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar to streamline appointment reminders and eliminate manual work.
Perfect For: Medical & Dental Offices, Law Firms, Home Improvement Services, Financial Advisors and More!
Start Sending Appointment Reminders in Minutes

Schedule or Automate

Upload a list of contacts to schedule appointment reminders or we can help you integrate with your calendar to automate the process.

Create Your Message

Create a custom appointment reminder text message or voice message within our system or upload a pre-recorded message.

Create Free Account

Sign up for a VoiceShot account which will enable you to send test appointment reminders for free.

Key Features
Automate Text & Voice Messages

to eliminate the hassle to send appointment reminders manually.

Personalize Reminder Messages

by using our voice recorder or upload a pre-recorded message.

Customizable Templates

enable you to tailor each message to each recipient.

Integrate with Your Calendars

like Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar to streamline appointment reminders.

Enable Appointment Confirmations

by allowing reminder recipients to respond via text or a simple keypress.

View Real-time Reports

to identify customers who have confirmed, canceled or rescheduled their appointment.

Integrate Your Calendar to Streamline Appointment Reminders.
We Do it For You!
Don't have the time or knowledge to integrate your calendar to automate appointment reminders? Not to worry, our team of experts will set up your calendar integration so you don't have to. Just select the Integration option when signing up for the appointment reminder service and we handle it for you!

Integrations Include:
Our plans start at only $9/month.
For additional questions call us at: (800) 962-0126 or e-mail:

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